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Metsajõe holiday house is located in Järvamaa, in Laupa village. We are located 10 km from Türi, 60 km from Viljandi and 72 km from Pärnu. You must turn right of Pärnu –Rakvere highway after the Laupa village, if you come from Paide. There is a guidepost Kolu. Then you must drive over the rive and immediately turn right. Then you must drive about 1,2 km and you arrive to the forest. Ours guidepost is in forest and there you must turn right and then you arrived to our holiday house.

GPS koordinaadid: 58.759054,25.338972

Metsajõe Puhkemaja - Laupa küla, Türi vald, 72102 JÄRVAMAA     Phone: +372 5 140 855     E-mail: info@metsajoe.ee